A Summit of Established CEOs Embracing Entrepreneurship with Clarity, Productivity, Strategies, and Implementation.

Join us for a FREE 10-day experience power-packed with connections, life-changing learnings, visibility and profitability.

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Right now in the world, it is a prime time and opportunity to be a leader with a profitable business.

The crystal-clear pillars of a profitable business are:

  • Being Seen
  • Being Heard
  • Which leads to Being PAID

If you have been experiencing a whisper of leads, clients, and REVENUE...

Visibility of your brand and business is a MUST to have to increase your bottom line.

And, if you have been dreaming and searching for like-minded CEOs,

Then, you are in the right place.

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated of having these idea great ideas with the determination to back them up but still felt like missing the mark.

Wasting your time searching the internet for hours and trying to figure out what will work only to find out the information is irrelevant.

Feeling lost and don’t know where to start and would like to finally reach your business visibility goals and flood DMs, emails, and bottom-line.

Whatever it is for you, it's time to be seen, be heard, and finally get paid.

Get it straight right from the experts and join The CEO Visibility Summit for FREE!

What Is The CEO Visibility Summit All About?

CEO Visibility Summit is a collective of small business owners with treasured secrets in start-up, designing (a) your dream business structure, creating rinse and repeat profitable systems, and scale to a legacy financial freedom empire

Join us for a FREE 10-day experience power-packed with connections, life-changing learnings, visibility and profitability.









Build Your Platform To Be Recognized And Paid As An Expert That You Are Using These 3 Pillars




This Is A 10 Day CEO Visibility Summit Centered Expanding Your Visibility So You Can Be Seen, Be Heard, and Get Paid. It is 100% Virtual. You Can Join Us from Anywhere in the World.

Join us for our 10-days CEO Visibility Summit, where you will:

  • Deeply understand how to create a framework your people desperately want.
  • Learn how to communicate your mission and goals in a way potential clients flood your DM.
  • Craft a simple and repeatable framework to increase potential clients.
  • Unlock strategies of productivity across various niches and businesses.
  • Get your hands on our step-by-step blueprint to creating visibility for your brand and business

You'll also...

  • Learn the top business myths + mistakes that repel clients and result in confusion and no sales.
  • Maximize the best-kept secrets for a forever flood of potential clients.
  • Create a customer experience that will magnetize customers like bees to honey.
  • Discover how to avoid the blank page anxiety and never start from scratch for content ideas.

And so much more!

  • Learn how to communicate the value of your offers so they are desirable and clear to potential clients.
  • Create consistent sign-ups and filling your programs.
  • Go from unbooked to overbooked for your business.
  • Leverage the media for building the core assets of the business.


October 25 - November 03, 2021


This is 100% virtual. No travel required.


This event is 100% FREE. Just click the button below to register.

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Start the journey to become a profitable businessowner.

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I’m an Award-winning Board-Certified Anesthesiologist – the founder of DRS Global – Renee Sunday Enterprises and Sunday Publishing Company.

I’m also a Media Mogul – podcaster and television personality – Host of Good Deeds TV Show and Magazine, Host of the Dr. Renee Sunday Podcast Show, Platform Builder, Grief & Loss Specialist, Multi – award-winning Bestselling Author, Publisher.

I have practiced anesthesia for over 21 years. My mission is to encourage and empower others to enjoy life and obtain their dreams. Furthermore, I enjoy being an instrument in God’s Plan to render services to others and to show compassion, love, and the standard of care.”

Empower others to propel their message to the world.
Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a calling. Everyone has reason to be on earth right now. A lot of people are asking, “why was I created? ” They want to know his/her Grand Purpose in life. The truth of the matter many people are not called to one area or one thing. There are many things we enjoy in life.

Can you say you are enjoying life? Are frustrated with your job, career? Where you are right now?

Let’s encourage, empower, and educate each other to propel their passions to purpose. One step will lead to an abundant supply of opportunities, obtaining dreams, and achieving a purposefully driven life.

Now, more than ever, it’s time for you to rebuild, refresh and reset your life

Ready to join Dr. Renee Sunday for this incredible roundtable, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is this whole thing happening?

The virtual roundtable will be from October 25 - November 03, 2021

How Much Does The Event Cost?

The CEO Visibility Summit is 100% FREE.

What if I cannot make all of the sessions?

All of the live sessions will be recorded. You can come to as many live sessions as you like. You also have 24 hour access to all the replays of the session.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

You can email us at hello@getpurposenow.com and my team will be happy to assist you!

You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live sessions, and through our Facebook community.

Are you ready?

Start the journey to become a profitable businessowner.